We approach the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders. An audit is also intelligence to help you run your business better: a vehicle for continuous improvement. We provide the added value of experienced observations and advice. We meet with clients regularly. Our auditors focus on mid-size companies and we know your industry as well. So we can serve as advisors, looking for problems and opportunities and recommending ways to respond.


We demand audit excellence and set tough policies to achieve it. We hire talented people and invest heavily in training and tools, including systems to ensure consistency, objectivity and accountability, resulting in strict compliance with professional standards.


We also rely on experience. Our senior people, experienced in government and private sectors, are extensively involved in the audit process and actively communicate with your company’s  leadership. The audit services are including :

Financial Audit

With this level of service, you will receive an opinion from impartial financial professionals on the fair presentation of your financial statements. Industry specific audit plans are utilized for maximized efficiency.

Attestation Engagements

Attestation angagements are often suitable for clients who have assurance needs that do not require an audit of financial statements, but do require procedures to be applied to their financial reporting processes and controls. In attestation engagements, we examine, review  or apply agreed-upon procedures to subject matter, or an assertion about the subject matter, which is the responsibility of another party

Internal Control Review

Our team can review your financial procedures and processes to assess areas of potential weakness, including those that could contribute to the possibility of any employee errors or fraud. Following an internal control review, we can help you develop more effective, documented internal control procedures to reduce the level of risk exposure, as well as to enhance management’s understanding of their internal financial systems and operationg cycles.

Computer Audit

Supporting to other audit services stated before, the firm could perform computer audit to assure that all necessary controls have been built-in and working properly in choosing and utilizing computer technologies.

Internal Audit Support Services

Our internal audit support services are an economical alternative for companies seeking to meet their internal audit objectives. From internal audit outsourcing to co-sourcing, we help internal audit satisfy their management oversight responsibilities and provide management with much needed assistance in controls testing.